Pick Monitor Sportsbook Rules

Credit is due to 5dimes for most of these rules. These rules have been mostly copied and pasted from 5dimes, with some parts omitted because of relevance and a few rules changed slightly.

The words "wager" and "bet" will occur frequently in these rules, and throughout the site. Please note that any mention of these words is strictly in the context of fantasy betting, as no real money can be bet using Pick Monitor. Pick Monitor is a fantasy sportsbook, and all "money" won or lost is play money.

American Football

Concluded professional and college football games are official after 55 minutes of play.

The official time of scoring plays for grading purposes is the time on the clock after the score is made.

Overtime scoring is included in full game and second half wagers.


Concluded NBA games are official after 43 minutes of play. Concluded basketball games scheduled for 40 minutes are official after 35 minutes of play.

Overtime scoring is included in full game and second half wagers. Fourth quarter wagers do not include overtime unless otherwise noted.

First half scoring changes made during or after halftime will not affect or invalidate wagers posted during halftime.


All baseball tips are consider "action" picks, meaning that a change in the starting pitcher(s) will have no impact on the pick.

All regular season and exhibition baseball games are considered official after 5 innings of play (4½ if the home team is winning). If a game is called or suspended after 5 innings, the winner is determined by the score after the last full inning of play – unless the home team scores to tie or takes the lead in the bottom half of the inning, in that case, the winner is then determined by the score at the time the game is called. When betting on baseball totals or run-lines, the game must go 9 innings (8½ if the home team is winning).

Professional post season games are not official until a winner is declared. If a professional post season game begins then is delayed to a later date, all wagers will have action with the final score result on that date. If a post season game does not begin on the date scheduled, all wagers will be graded no action.

Regardless of their starting/completion date, NCAA baseball tournament, NCAA softball tournament, international tournament and youth league tournament games have action with the final result score.

First 5 inning lines are graded at the end of the 5th inning. All 5 inning wagers have action at that time, regardless whether the game is completed. The following propositions have action at the time they occur, regardless whether the game is completed or official: 1st 5 inning wagers, team to score first, 1st inning wagers or any wager involving a team or player to achieve an outcome first. The following propositions will be graded NO ACTION if a game does not go 8½-9 innings and is an official completed game on that day: team total runs or any wager involving an over/under format.

Any baseball, softball, or little league game ending early as a result of a mercy rule will have action on all wagers (unless otherwise noted).

Regular season series wagers have action as long as a minimum of two games are completed. Only the first three games of any series count for wagering purposes. Once a team wins two games in a series, the series will be graded at that time.

Total runs scored in series wagers must have all three games played on the dates originally scheduled. Wagers will be graded no action if a game is called before completion, suspended, or does not go full 9 innings (8½ if the home team is winning) on the date scheduled. Runs scored in extra innings are included in the total when wagering on total runs scored in series.

The Baseball Grand Salami has no action if any game is rained out or final in less than 8½ innings.

Extra inning runs are are included in full-game wagers.


Concluded hockey games are official after 55 minutes of play (includes outright and 60 minute wagering).

Third period lines in hockey DO NOT include overtime.

Overtime is included in NHL, NCAA, and all other North American Leagues. In the NHL, the winner in overtime or shootout is credited with a goal. This goal counts towards the final score for grading purposes.

Any shootout that does not result in either team being credited with an additional goal, will NOT count for wagering purposes.

The final score in hockey for international games and all leagues outside of North America do NOT include overtime. Overtime and shoot-outs do not count unless the wagering option (OUTRIGHT) or (ADVANCES) is listed.


Four and five round golf events must go a minimum of 54 holes and three round golf events must go a minimum of 36 holes for tournament match-ups and futures to have action.

Golf events must be completed within 7 days of the scheduled conclusion of the event for tournament match-ups and futures to have action.

Adjusted tournament winner wagers have no action if no further golf is played because of a shortened event.

Wagers on golfers NOT teeing off to begin an event will be graded no action unless otherwise noted. Wagers will not be refunded on any option where "all golfers have action" is listed.

Wagers to finish in the top 5, top 10, best in a group of golfers, or any other option where there may be multiple winners sharing a finishing position will have dead-heat rules applied for payouts.

Wagers on golfers NOT teeing off in 2nd, 3rd, 4th round, or adjusted tournament match-ups, will be graded no action. If a golfer retires during any stage of a tournament, tournament match ups will have action.

All round match-ups have action regardless of the date the golfers begin/complete the round.

Any single round matchup, where it is determined golfers are playing on different courses for that round, will be graded no action.

The golfer to complete more holes in a tournament or single round match-up is the winner. If golfers both complete the same number of holes, the golfer with the lower score is the winner.

A golf round is not official until the player's scorecard is signed at the end of a round. If a player is disqualified for signing an incorrect scorecard, the player will be considered withdrawn on the hole with the scoring dispute. All holes completed prior to the scoring discrepancy will count for wagering purposes.

A golf match-up may have a stroke handicap. If the number is positive (+), then you subtract the strokes from the golfer's score. If the number is negative (-), then add those strokes to the golfer's score. The golfer with the lower score after the strokes are applied is the winner.

Tournament and final round matchups do not include playoff holes (unless otherwise specified).


Soccer events include three options: Team A wins, Team B wins, or a Draw. When wagering on the moneyline with three options, you must have the selected option be correct for your wager to be a winner. If you select Team B and the event ends in a Draw, your selection on Team B is a loser. In essence, selections on a specific team in three-option wagering, is the same as having that team -½ a goal.

Soccer wagering options made available during halftime are graded with the result of the game at full time unless otherwise noted. Unless the option "2nd half goals only" is listed, the result will include all goals scored in the full match.

Halftime/Fulltime wagering involves predicting both a game's halftime result and fulltime result. The abbreviation for halftime is listed "HT." The abbreviation for fulltime is listed "FT." When predicting a team to be leading at either halftime or fulltime, a tie score is a LOSING wager. The only winning wager for a tied score at halftime or fulltime is "DRAW."

Overtime and shoot-outs do not count unless the wagering option "OUTRIGHT" or "ADVANCES" is listed.

The winner of a game ending shootout will be credited with one goal on "OUTRIGHT" wagering options.

Full game soccer wagers are official on the result at full time (90 minutes of play + referee stoppage time) unless otherwise specified. If a match is suspended/abandoned or postponed/rescheduled, and not resumed within 12 hours from the actual scheduled start time, wagers on the match will automatically constitute NO ACTION and be refunded.

Any wager on whether a team advances in a cup competition, or raises the cup, will have action regardless of a suspended or postponed match.

If the match is abandoned/suspended after the first half is completed, first half wagers will have action.

Soccer events must be played on the dates scheduled unless otherwise specified. Kickoff dates and times displayed on our website are a reference only and are not guaranteed to be accurate.


Tennis match start times are often delayed by rain, darkness, or time constraints, and match start times are constantly being revised by event organizers. Wagers will not be voided under any circumstance based on rain delays, darkness, time constraint delays, or match date changes.

Wagers have action once a ball is served, regardless of the date the match/event is started or completed. Matches delayed by rain, darkness, or other circumstances will not be voided. These matches will remain pending until their completion.

A "Walk Over Winner" (player retires/resigns/concedes before a match) and matches which do not complete the first set are graded no action. If a player retires/resigns/concedes after the first set is completed then the moneyline will be graded with the advancing player as the winner and all other wagers (sets, points and totals) will graded no action regardless of how far along the match is.

Participants failing to compete in the next round of a tennis event will have all wagers to reach or win subsequent rounds, graded NO ACTION. Wagers made immediately after a player withdrawal, on markets dramatically affected by this action, will be reviewed by management. This type of play may result in permanent account suspension. (This rule applies to all wagering platforms.)

Boxing & MMA

Fights must take place within one week of the listed date of the fight or the bout will be graded "no action" (unless otherwise noted). Venue changes within the same country will not affect the status of pending wagers. Venue changes to a different country will result in a grade of "no action" on all pending wagers.

If a fight weight class is changed for any reason, this will have no effect on any pending wager status. No wager will be voided based on a weight class change.

If the number of scheduled rounds in a boxing match is changed or misposted, the following wagers will have action: the fight winner, fighter wins only, and draw options. Fight totals will have action if the updated scheduled rounds is more than the total listed on the prop.

If the number of scheduled rounds in a MMA match is changed or misposted, only the moneyline to win the fight will have action.

Results will be graded/regraded based on the official result at ringside. A result may be revised or altered after initial presentation by the ring announcer. Results are not official for wagering purposes until verified by officials at the fighting venue. Official or unofficial sanctioning body overturns of a fight decision based on appeal, suspension, lawsuit, drug testing result, or any other fighter sanction will not be recognized for wagering purposes.

When a "draw" occurs, wagers on both fighters "to win" are refunded. Other proposition wagers are graded according to their specific wording.

Any fight that is deemed "no contest" or "no decision" will have all wagers refunded.

A total listed on a fight represents the total number of completed rounds. The halfway point of a round is at exactly one minute and thirty seconds into a three minute round. Thus, 4½ rounds would be one minute and thirty seconds of the 5th round. The halfway point of a two minute round is at the one minute mark. The halfway point of a five minute round is at the two minutes and thirty seconds mark.

If an over/under boxing total lands on the exact half round total in a fight, the wager will be a push.

In total wagering, if a fighter does not answer the bell to start a round where the fight has gone the exact distance listed on the total, the UNDER is the winner. A round is not complete until a fighter starts the following round.


Rugby wagers are official on the result at full time (80 minutes of play + stoppage time) unless otherwise noted.

Unless otherwise specified, Rugby sevens match bets are settled on the specific tournament regulation play and do NOT include extra-time if played.

In the event of a change of opponent from the one advertised, all bets for that match will be graded No Action.


The final score in handball does NOT include overtime. Overtime and shoot-outs do not count unless the wagering option (OUTRIGHT) or (ADVANCES) is listed.


Volleyball handicap offerings refer to the number of sets won, unless otherwise noted.

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