Completed Tips. 80.06% followable.

Football 193 15.52 60.27 89.86 56.61 1.98 0.91
Baseball 2,994 1.90 149.15 170.91 50.09 0.85 0.75
Basketball 689 -2.76 -28.46 -56.97 49.27 -0.61 0.03
Hockey 1 -100.00 -1 -3 0.00 -0.80 0.00
Overall 3,877 1.94 179.96 226.02 50.25 0.98 0.65

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Like most of the talent this site used to attract, I've decided to part ways. Complete loss of confidence in the mgmt of this site after they banned me and several other long-time members from posting or messaging.

It's been a long time coming. These guys -- who aren't even worthy of mention by name -- are thin-skinned clowns who couldn't hold Patrick's jock strap in terms of productivity or integrity.

They will learn that no one likes suppression of speech.

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